Tassels For Motorcycles

Tassels for motorcycles designed by Keith Gracely from 550 paracord.

Choose up to 3 colors for your tassels. Tell us what colors you want when ordering.

$20.00/ set.

Call Diane to order by phone at (352) 470-7352

We have just about ANY colors available. Choose colors to match your bike.

The colors may not be an exact match to your bike. But as long as they are close they will look great!

Keith makes the tassels long and then you can cut them to your desired length.

After cutting them, take a lighter and singe the ends so they don’t fray.

tassels for motorcycles

Order your set of tassels for motorcycles now for only $20 plus shipping.

CALL Diane to order at (352) 470-7352

Fit on Your Brake and Clutch Handles