Pipes Sold Wholesale and Retail

Pipes designed by Keith Gracely on a wood lathe. Keith is a woodturning artist. He designs wooden pipes from logs of beautiful exotic wood. Each one made by Keith is a one of a kind. You won’t see two the same.

Exotic wood pipes are $25 each plus $7 shipping. We ship by priority mail with insurance and tracking.

Attention Smoke SHOPS – We do sell wholesale pipes. Minimum Order is 10 pipes = $120
Order 10 or 20 Wholesale pipes here and get FREE Shipping.

Choose 10 or 20 pipes

wholesale pipes
One of a Kind Pipes $25 each

Our pipes are 3 inches long. Order one or more below by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button. Or call Keith’s wife Diane to order by phone at (352) 470-7352

I promise you won’t be disappointed with the pipe you receive. They are all beautiful and unique.

Each pipe comes with a screen.

Below are photos of more of our wood art. Click on a photo to see a larger photo with more detail.





Keith’s wife Diane purchases logs of exotic wood online. Exotic wood is expensive. The prices of our pipes sold here are very reasonable considering exotic wood is expensive.

Why buy glass pipes when you can buy beautiful wooden pipes that won’t break when you drop them.

Keith can also design matching sets if you would like an ashtray, lighter, and stash jar with your pipe.

Contact us to order a set by calling Diane at (352) 470-7352.

Here is an example of a set we made for a friend. Click on photo to see a larger photo of the set.

We personalized the stash jar by woodburning his name on it. Our lighters are refillable lighters, they will last a long time. Just refill them with lighter fluid.

matching set
Call us to Order a Matching Set