Comments from our Customers

Comments from our customers. Read what our customers say about our whips and tassels.

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“Just stopping by to say thank you Keith and Diane so much for this amazing get back whip or should we say ‘stand back whip’. The quality is awesome, and it is the exact perfect length and I thank you very much”. – Julius Williams

customers feedback
I love my new WHIP – Julius Williams
customers whip
Thanks Keith and Diane

“I must testify to Keith’s quality. Pierre and I have a couple of these Biker Whips. We love them. Top of the Notch. 100% quality. The Gracely’s hand make these and will stand by their work.” – Sassiee Nicole

“Great job Keith, thank you for the whip. I have to say I was impressed with the craftsmanship of your design. I have seen some really crappy whips in my 36 years of riding. Your design is the BEST! Thanks” – Biker Bill

whip for bikers
All Black Whip

“Wow Keith you did an awesome job on my custom whip. I was really impressed by your design. I’ve bought other whips online in the past and they were cheaply made and definitely not designed the way you make them. I love it and even with the ball on the end it does not swing back while I’m riding and smack me in the side. Thanks again! I’m showing it off to all of my brothers in the club so expect more orders soon.” – Spider

“Awesome JOB Keith!! The last whip I bought online sucked. It kept hitting my ass when I was going down the road at 60 mph. I have no problems with this one, it barely moves! Great craftsmanship. I love your design. I gave your business cards out to some of my club brothers. I know they’ll be ordering.” – Scooter

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“Skeeter thanks for the custom whip I love it! You offer the best quality whips. I’ve never seen any made with this knot that you use. I really like it.” – Big John

“Great product Keith! I love the way you designed my whip. I’ve never seen any whips made like this. I had a black leather whip for years and I tell you what your whip is made so much better. I gave your website and phone number to some of my riding buddies! I’m sure you probably already heard from some of them. My sister-in-law wants one for her bike and my brothers too. I’ll keep spreading the word!!” – Scott

“Thanks for the whip Keith, now my wife wants one. I just ordered a pink and black one for her pink sportster. She wants tassels too so I ordered both for her birthday. I just hope she doesn’t use the whip on ME! LOL Have a great weekend brother and RIDE SAFE.” – Carl P.

My wife’s bike

“Thank you Keith, here’s a pic of my wife’s bike with her new tassels. She’s got a little automatic 250, she’s just learning to ride. She loves her tassels. Thanks!” – George of the Jungle





“Keith do you give discounts if all of our club members order whips from you? I got my whip and now everyone wants one in our club colors. I told you, I knew my brothers would all want one when they saw mine! LOL” – Snoop

Keep the Comments coming brothers AND sisters!!!

Ride Safe, Keith (Skeeter)