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About Diane Gracely and Keith Gracely

Diane Gracely and Keith Gracely of Silver Springs, Florida are the owners of Whips for Bikers.

URGENT NOTE- Use our whips at your own risk. We are NOT responsible for accidents or misuse of our Whips for Bikers. It is YOUR responsibility to use them as appropriate.

Diane and Keith are both disabled and on a limited income. They began designing “Whips for Bikers” to earn extra income and to donate some cash from their sales to help local bikers after a motorcycle accident. They help bikers through poker runs and fundraisers with medical and household bills while they are laid up and recovering from an accident.

Here in Florida bikers ride year round. We also have many, many, different bike events going on year round here in Florida. These days we have idiot drivers on the roads texting while driving and always in a rush to get somewhere. So this causes more and more accidents. Drivers don’t WATCH OUT FOR MOTORCYCLES. We hear about motorcycle accidents in the state of Florida on a daily basis. SAD but TRUE.

“By choosing to buy our quality WHIPS, you help us earn some extra income which gives us money to donate and help bikers in need after a motorcycle accident!! Thank you for your business!” – Keith and Diane Gracely

Keith and Diane have been helping local bikers for more than 3 years. They donate cash and products to help raise money by attending local poker runs and fundraisers for bikers who have been in bad motorcycle accidents.


.Diane knows what it’s like to suffer from accidents and being LAID UP while recovering with NO INCOME coming in.

Diane was hit head on by a drunk driver in April 2015. Diane also suffers from a hereditary neuromuscular disease called Charcot Marie Tooth disease.

about Diane Gracely
Diane was HIT head on by a DRUNK DRIVER in April 2015
charcot marie tooth
Diane was born with Charcot Marie Tooth disease







Charcot Marie Tooth disease is a hereditary neuromuscular disease that deformed Diane’s feet and put her in a wheelchair by age 32. Diane found a surgeon who knew a lot about her CMT disease. He reconstructed Diane’s feet and got her walking again. Diane was LAID UP for 3 years while having two surgeries on both feet and recovering. To this day Diane still copes with chronic pain and more health issues from her disease and being hit by a drunk driver.

BUT Diane is a SURVIVOR and still riding. She had to add a trike kit to her bike because she can’t hold up 2 wheels any more. BUT this keeps her in the wind and still enjoying riding.

diane gracely
Diane and her Bike

Keith has a lot of back and neck problems and has had several surgeries. He became disabled a few years ago.

Keith had to add a trike kit to his bike due to his disabilities.

Keith designs the whips for bikers and Diane handles the business end of everything.

We hope you will consider buying our quality WHIPS to help us earn extra income and help us grow and continue to help bikers after motorcycle accidents.

Keith Gracely
Keith and his Bike