Whips for Bikers

Whips for Bikers by Keith Gracely of Silver Springs, Florida.

People always ask me what our WHIPS are used for? They are used as a decoration on a motorcycle (they attach to the brake or clutch lever), and for self defense, they also come in handy if someone leaves a dog or child in a “hot car”… It can be used to break the car window. Save a child or dog.

Most bikers purchase the whip in colors to match their bike. But you can order any colors you want. We even have a Vietnam War colors whip (red/yellow/green) that we design. And an American Flag whip. See photos below.

Keith Gracely has been designing custom whips for bikers for over 3 years. Keith’s whips are made from quality 550 paracord and 1 inch steel balls. Read what our customers say about Keith’s quality whip design click here.

We design one of the best whips on the market. Keith’s wife Diane takes the orders and Keith designs the whips.

Order a biker whip – CALL Diane at (352) 470-7352 to order by phone.

We now have Vietnam Color Whips Available Red/Yellow/Green $45

whips for bikers
Vietnam Color Whip Red/Yellow/Green Available

Ordering Instructions

Choose with or without a steel ball. Tell us when ordering what one solid color or two combined colors you want your whip to be. When ordering tell us what length you want your whip to be, please include the 4 inch quick release clip in your total length. Standard length that most of our customers order is 30 inches.  Tell us what colors you want your whip to be when ordering below.

We stock all basic colors. If you would like a non-basic color let us know the color and we will see if we can get it.

Our whips can be attached to your brake or clutch lever of your bike with the quick release clip, or it can be attached to your pants belt loop and put the ball in your pocket. I have seen bikers attach them to their bikes or their pants. It’s your choice.

Quick Release Clip
Quick Release Clip

We offer DISCOUNTS for MC’s. Order 5 whips or more and get $5 off each whip.

To receive DISCOUNT you must call Diane to place an order by phone at (352) 470-7352.

whips for bikers
Whip with a Steel Ball $45
get back whip
Whip without a Steel Ball $40
get back whip
Whip without a Steel Ball $40
Whips for Bikers
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Whips with Steel Ball – $45 plus shipping

Without Steel Ball – $40 plus shipping

Please allow 2 weeks for us to design and ship your whip.

Call Diane at (352) 470-7352 to order by phone.

You can tell Diane what colors and length you want your whip to be.

We design an American Flag Whip like the one below. And we design solid color whips like the black one below.

whips for bikers
Red/White/Blue $45
Black Whip $45









URGENT NOTE- Use our whips at your own risk. We are NOT responsible for accidents or misuse of our Whips for Bikers. It is YOUR responsibility to use them as appropriate.